A Breath of Fresh Air: Outdoor Workspaces

by Emi Kiuchi
May 28, 2024

As outdoor workspaces become increasingly popular, more people are discovering the benefits of working outside. Improved mental health, enhanced creativity, increased productivity, and the benefits of fresh air and vitamin D make outdoor workspaces an appealing alternative to indoor offices.

As a senior designer at Unisource for almost 20 years, I have witnessed the rise in popularity of outdoor workspaces firsthand. Here, I get to share some lovely outdoor products we recently saw from Design Public Group.


Mindo 107 Outdoor Daybed

A timeless yet contemporary lounge collection, designed with an organically shaped aluminum frame, round Italian rope, and teak. Its inviting design includes loose back cushions, easily adjustable for your comfort.

Using an outdoor daybed for working outdoors can change up your work experience, blending comfort with the refreshing vibe of nature. To get the most out of it, set up your daybed in the shade to avoid screen glare and keep yourself safe from too much sun. Add some ergonomic accessories like a lap desk or a portable cushion to stay comfy and maintain good posture. Remember to take breaks to stretch, move around, and drink plenty of water to keep your energy up. This setup not only boosts productivity but also lets you enjoy the relaxing benefits of being outside.


Pacha Outdoor Modular Sofa

Legendary French designer Pierre Paulin introduced the Pacha Lounge Chair in 1975. He designed it to reflect the changing design trends of the time, moving away from post-war austerity toward a more dynamic style. Paulin nailed elegance with the chair's rounded forms, perfect proportions, a lightly raised base, and inward-inclined stitching lines. The Pacha Lounge Chair showcases Paulin's innovation in low-level living, ditching chair legs for a modern vibe of sitting closer to the floor.

Prioritizing comfort, the Pacha Chair's curvy and organic shapes offer both coziness and support. Still contemporary today, the Pacha Lounge Chair is a functional piece that brings life and character to any space.


Kosmos 8-Seater High Sofa

Kosmos combines a table and seats with the extra comfort of a sofa or even a daybed. The cushions come in various colors and materials, like leather for indoors and maritime-quality fabrics for outdoors. When lowered, the adjustable table creates a flat surface, turning Kosmos into a giant lounger.

If you're looking for more privacy settings, the high version of the Kosmos designer sofa could be perfect. The extra-high backrest creates a unique sense of togetherness. It's great for anyone seeking privacy, friends who love a cozy vibe, efficient business meetings, peaceful work time, or any close conversation.


Sketch Outdoor Dining Table

SKETCH outdoor table with bamboo lamellas. The beautifully sculpted metal legs give the SKETCH table a sleek, minimalist vibe. Plus, the leg design ensures the table is super stable. This table is perfect for small team meetings, working solo, or dining al fresco.

Essential Features of an Outdoor Workspace

For a productive and enjoyable outdoor workspace, prioritize comfortable and ergonomic furniture, use weather-resistant materials, and ensure proper shading and shelter options. Additionally, incorporate workable lighting solutions for different times of the day and consider necessary tech requirements such as Wi-Fi and power sources.


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