Wall Track Workstation with Keyboard and Monitor Arms from HAT Collective Healthcare

Sarah Clemens
by Sarah Clemens
July 14, 2023

design digest - wall track workstation HAT Collective Health

Designing a healthcare facility is no easy task. There are numerous elements to consider, including patient comfort, staff efficiency, and overall functionality. One aspect that can often be overlooked is the need for adaptable workstations. That’s where the Wall Track Workstation from HAT Collective Healthcare comes in. This system is designed to accommodate multiple uses throughout a healthcare setting, and we’ve decided to review it in detail so you can assess whether it meets the needs of your projects.

design digest - wall track workstation HAT Collective Health

The Wall Track Workstation is a versatile and adaptable system that serves as a one-stop workstation. It features independently height-adjustable arms on a vertical track, which can be mounted at various heights to suit the needs of different users. For instance, doctors can take notes in an exam room while seated, nurses can jot down patient information in a standing position, and patients can adjust the height of each arm as needed during the check-in process. Such adjustability ensures the workstation is ergonomic, providing correct posture for users.

This system is also easy to install and includes a monitor arm, keyboard tray, and a bin for equipment- all in one. This means you do not need to source separate monitor and keyboard arms and bins, saving you a lot of time and effort. Everything you need is included in one efficient and space-saving unit. This makes it an ideal choice for architects, interior designers, and space planners who need an easily adaptable workstation that doesn’t sacrifice functionality.


Additionally, the Wall Track Workstation is made of sturdy and durable materials and can withstand the demands of a busy healthcare environment. From daily use of the keyboard tray to the flexible monitor arm, it is designed with the end-users in mind. The arm's ability to swivel and rotate enhances the user experience and accessibility. The result is a workstation that will stand the test of time and require little maintenance.

Apart from its multi-functional uses, the wall track workstation is also designed with inbuilt cable-management channels that keep workspaces organized and free of any tripping hazards while also concealing any cables or cords. The sleek modern finish is not only stylish but safe for everyone with the inbuilt cable-management channels.

Overall, the HAT Collective Healthcare Wall Track Workstation with Keyboard and Monitor Arms is an innovative solution to optimize functionality and efficiency in any healthcare setting. This workstation is adjustable for users of different heights, well-built for daily use, and has inbuilt organizational features that ensure a tidy and safe working space. All these features provide an ideal solution for architecture and design professionals looking for a versatile, adaptable, and efficient workstation. If you are looking to upgrade or remodel your healthcare facility, this system is a worthwhile investment to consider.

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