Embrace Change: Unlocking the Power of Configurable Private Spaces

Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
August 03, 2023

Configurable private spaces 

The workspace concept—and how we work— is undergoing a transformative shift. As organizations become more fluid and responsive in their operations, there is an increasing demand for workplaces that mirror this with a more agile offices approach. Modern office spaces are gravitating towards flexibility and adaptability, breaking away from the rigid confines of the past. They cater to a diverse spectrum of work styles and tasks, multiple generations, and need to serve workers with different needs. This evolutionary trend is a necessary adaptation to the ever-changing business ecosystem where success is often synonymous with the ability to embrace change.

Responsive Alternative to Permanent Construction

Many businesses are reducing the amount of physical space they occupy. These new spaces are required to provide more functionality in a smaller footprint and organizations are feeling the squeeze. The need to constantly adapt to contemporary work styles, coupled with the anticipation of future changes, is exerting immense pressure on organizations that have opted for permanent interior construction. In order to maximize their real estate investments, organizations are in pursuit of intelligent, multifunctional, and agile solutions that not only improve efficiency but also support the diverse methods in which individuals and teams work. The solution lies in moveable walls and freestanding architectural workspaces. These offer a smart, responsive alternative to traditional fixed structures. They impart a sense of permanence, all the while ensuring your organization's ability to adapt endlessly, thereby perfectly embodying the spirit of a modern, dynamic workspace.

Moveable walls 

Embracing Dynamic Office Solutions

Configurable private spaces in the workplace offer numerous benefits. Firstly, they foster adaptability, a crucial aspect in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. Organizations can swiftly adjust the layout of their workspace to accommodate changing dynamics, whether it's a new project team, an increase in employees, or the need for more collaborative areas. Secondly, these solutions encourage creativity and innovation by creating versatile environments that cater to different work styles. Thirdly, from a financial perspective, they provide a cost-effective solution, avoiding the high expenses and waste associated with remodeling. Lastly, with a focus on sustainability, many of these solutions use environmentally friendly materials, contributing to a greener office environment. By leveraging the power of configurable private spaces, businesses can realize a dynamic, efficient, and future-ready workspace.


The Balance of Privacy and Collaboration

Moveable walls and freestanding workspaces strike the perfect balance between privacy and collaboration, crucial in a multifaceted work environment. These solutions are designed with the understanding that while open spaces encourage teamwork and idea exchange, they can also be disruptive, affecting the focus of employees. Moveable walls can be easily reconfigured to create quiet zones or meeting rooms, ensuring privacy when needed. Alternatively, they can be rearranged to enhance openness for collaborative tasks. This dynamic design enables businesses to meet employees' varying needs without permanent architectural changes, making these solutions a sustainable and flexible choice for the modern office environment.

Collaborative workspaces

Designing freestanding architectural workspaces for different types of workers requires a delicate balance of privacy, adaptability, and collaboration. For employees who require quiet concentration, modular workplaces with sound-absorbing materials are ideal. For positions that require collaboration, creating open spaces with movable walls can foster dialogue and idea-sharing.  

Architectural Interior Solutions 

There are many architectural interior solutions available to meet the diverse needs of modern workspaces. From movable walls available in a wide array of finishes and designs to modular furniture that can be easily reconfigured, organizations have an abundance of options to choose from. 


Pergola Workspaces

The Pergola system creates a distinct spatial definition in the open plan, providing privacy and focus areas without compromising on collaboration or visual accessibility. Pergola serves as a standalone architectural workspace doubling as a partitioning element in the office setting. It constitutes a haven conducive to connection, collaboration, and concentration.



Enclose Moveable Office Walls are modular glass panels that seamlessly assemble, forming flexible office spaces that optimize spatial usage without compromising on comfort, storage, or seclusion. These versatile glass barriers also accommodate power and data connectivity.


Enclose Frameless Glass Panels embody the perfect fusion of elegance and versatility, marking them as the preferred choice for glass office walls. Their simple assembly and swift reconfigurability make them incredibly user-friendly. These mobile glass walls merge the aesthetic appeal of frameless glass panels with the practicality of mobility, making them a premier selection for glass partitions in office spaces.



The HushOffice line of products presents a diverse range of acoustic solutions designed to enhance privacy and focus in bustling office environments. With acoustically tested booths, this series ensures a quiet, unobtrusive space for focused tasks and private conversations. Offering different sizes to accommodate individual work, group meetings, or even larger conference scenarios, HushOffice provides versatile solutions that can be easily integrated into any workspace layout. Furthermore, they are designed with user comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic seating options, adjustable lighting, and ventilation systems. In essence, the HushOffice series offers a uniquely harmonious blend of privacy, comfort, and adaptability, catering to the evolving needs of a dynamic office environment.

Flexible office layouts 


Trivati, a high-performance moveable wall system, offers flexibility and adaptability. It is designed for future expansions or reconfigurations, making it an ideal choice for evolving workspaces. Each product is purposefully designed to empower organizations with the flexibility and adaptability needed in the modern office landscape.

Sustainable office design

Economic and Environmental Advantages

Investing in temporary space delineation solutions can yield significant financial benefits over traditional construction. Traditional office renovations can be costly and time-consuming, often involving extensive downtime that can disrupt business operations. Conversely, temporary solutions are typically quicker to implement and may require less labor, resulting in lower costs. Furthermore, these reconfigurable systems offer increased long-term cost savings. The adaptability of these solutions means that as an organization grows or changes, the workspace can easily be adjusted without incurring the high expense and waste associated with tearing down and rebuilding traditional walls. This flexibility not only supports financial efficiency but also promotes operational agility, a key competitive advantage in today's rapidly evolving business environment.

Temporary space delineation solutions significantly contribute to sustainability objectives by minimizing waste associated with traditional remodeling and using environmentally friendly materials. They not only reduce the carbon footprint but also embody the principles of a circular economy where resources are reused, reducing the demand for new material production.

Embracing Change in Office Design

Adopting configurable private spaces in offices presents several key advantages. Firstly, they provide a flexible workspace that can be effortlessly adjusted to accommodate various needs, from fostering collaboration and open discussion to ensuring privacy for focused tasks or confidential meetings. Secondly, these solutions are cost-effective in comparison to traditional construction, as they minimize expensive renovations and operational disruptions. Moreover, they offer long-term economic benefits with their adaptability to future expansions or organizational changes. Lastly, configurable private spaces align with sustainability efforts, reducing waste associated with remodeling and utilizing eco-friendly materials. This alignment with the principles of the circular economy not only reduces the carbon footprint but also minimizes the demand for new materials.


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Moveable walls and freestanding architectural workspaces offer a smart, responsive alternative to traditional fixed structures. Key benefits include:

  • Fostering adaptability and swift adjustment of layouts.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation
  • A cost-effective solution, avoiding the high expenses and waste associated with remodeling.
  • Environmentally friendly materials and less waste.

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