Innovative Space Design Solutions for Modern Airports

Jessy Miguel
by Jessy Miguel
November 22, 2023

Airports, a microcosm of global society, are constantly evolving spaces catering to a dynamic variety of needs and functions. They are not merely transit points for travelers, but complex, multifaceted public spaces that need to be designed thoughtfully and strategically.

Here we explore the innovative design solutions applied to various areas within modern airports such as concession areas, holdrooms, and airline lounge areas. The key to designing these spaces lies in understanding their unique needs and challenges, including power availability, comfort, flexibility, durability, and universal accessibility. The goal is to create a seamless, efficient, and comfortable passenger experiences for all users, while also incorporating sustainability and technological advancements.



Slam Multi-Purpose Chairs from Leland

Concession Area

In the concession areas of modern airports, a variety of seating and table configurations cater to a diverse range of passengers' needs. Larger communal tables are strategically stationed for sizeable groups or individuals desiring to plug in their electronic devices. Adjacent to these are individual dining tables specifically designed to accommodate all group sizes, from solo travelers to couples and larger groups. Hard seating is positioned near the dining tables, providing a sturdy and functional seating option. For prolonged waiting periods, comfortable soft seating is available, offering greater comfort to passengers. Additionally, efficient recycling and waste receptacles are strategically placed for easy access, reinforcing the airport's commitment to environmental sustainability.


Flyaway public seating series from Arconas

Holdroom Area

The holdroom area in an airport is essentially the waiting area near the gates where passengers gather before boarding their flight. Modern airport holdrooms are carefully designed to ensure maximum passenger comfort and convenience during waiting periods. Tandem seating, available in multiple configurations, caters to both individual travelers and larger groups, offering flexible seating solutions. Power outlets are integrated into seating areas, providing passengers the convenience to charge their devices while they wait. Airline counters are equipped with cutting-edge technology to facilitate swift passenger service. Additionally, recycling and waste receptacles are strategically positioned in close proximity to the seating areas, enabling passengers to easily dispose of their waste, thus maintaining cleanliness and promoting environmental sustainability.


Fulton Lounge Chair from HBF

Airline Lounge Area

Airlines strive to provide a premium experience for their passengers, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the airline lounge area. Lounge furniture, designed with taller screens, offers passengers desired privacy in often crowded areas. For those working on the go, bar height tables complete with power plug-ins are provided, ensuring devices stay charged and ready. Upholstered dining chairs paired with dining tables offer a comfortable dining experience. Laptop tables are thoughtfully paired with every lounge piece, providing a convenient workspace for business travelers. Ottomans are strategically placed throughout the lounge, adding an extra touch of comfort and luxury that enhances the overall passenger experience. These smart design choices, aimed at meeting a variety of passenger needs, create a sense of comfort and exclusivity, making waiting periods more enjoyable and stress-free.

Improving the Passenger Experience

Innovative and well-thought-out design solutions are integral to creating a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable experience for all airport users. From concession areas to holdrooms, and airline lounges, every space is meticulously planned to cater to diverse needs, promote comfort, and enhance functionality. By integrating advanced technology, flexible seating options, and catering to the need for power accessibility, modern airports are much more than transit points; they have transformed into dynamic, multifunctional spaces that place the passenger experience at the forefront. As we move forward, the focus on sustainability, universal accessibility, and technologically advanced spaces will continue to shape the future of airport design.




Modern airports are evolving into dynamic, multifunctional spaces that prioritize passenger experience through innovative design solutions. These design strategies aim for comfort, functionality, and efficiency, transforming airports from mere transit points to enjoyable public spaces.

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