Inventory Management: Three Questions to Ask your Warehouse Operator

Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
May 22, 2018


The biggest trend in office design is a move towards agile office workspaces — the shift in working where you want and how you want. And the biggest thing in the agile office is flexibility with furnishings. If you’ve invested in furniture and now need to reconfigure your workspace, where do you put all those underused workstations filing cabinets, and rolling desk chairs that will come in handy down the road? You can get rid of them or employ inventory management and store them for future use in a warehouse.

Not all warehouses are equal and you need a trusted warehouse. Like the agile office, a warehouse must fit your specific needs and give you access to furniture when you want it, where you want it.

1. How much space do you have and will my product be safe?

At Unisource Solutions, we have 400,00 square feet of secure warehousing space with hubs in Los Angeles and Oakland, and secondary facilities nationwide. As owners and operators, we can accommodate a variety of storage and delivery needs. Our temperature-controlled facilities are equipped to receive large deliveries that are inspected, tagged, and stored with precision. It’s designed to be safe from the elements and from theft. Plus, with 20 tractors, 12 bob-tails, and 30+ service vans, we can handle projects of any size, from high-end artwork to entire lots of furniture. 

2. How easy is it to access my inventory? 

Our tagline is Welcome to Simple! Accessing inventory is easy. We provide web-based account access, allowing you to schedule service, verify job status, browse your inventory, and reserve product at any time, from any location. With just one call, email, or data transfer, you can initiate a service request in any location across the Unites States. That’s a pretty powerful phone call.

3. Do you keep a log of our inventory and how do you track products coming and going?

We know offices change and with that, product assortment. We monitor your inventory to ensure that we are storing high-use product. Routine product receipt and transfer reports will illustrate your inventory’s availability, letting you cherry-pick product that best suits your office needs and your employees’ preferences, in real time.

Our goal is to make your office furniture easily accessible. Like your offices, your warehouse should be agile, flexible, and available.

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