Preparing for Seismic Disaster - IFMA SV Chapter Meeting

Michelle Scheumeister
by Michelle Scheumeister
April 11, 2018


Join me on April 25, 2018 as I host the IFMA Chapter Meeting – Disaster Preparedness and Recovery with a group of experts to help provide guidance and insight into mitigating risk and optimizing recovery.

California is a dynamic state, with abundant beauty, many resources, and a thriving economy. Along with the great weather and natural wonder, we also live under the constant threat of earthquakes. Most of us have experienced the power and threatening potential of these natural disasters. Ensuring that our workspaces and employees are ready and prepared for the next disaster is part of our responsibility and having a preparedness and recovery plan is the most important first step. In the San Francisco Bay Area, we have seismic hazards front and center. Many of us have evacuation plans and some of us have emergency kits at home, work, and in the car. What else can we do to prepare?

At this Chapter Event our expert speakers will provide an overview of the hazards with geologic dangers illustrated geographically. We will dive into the key elements of what preparedness and response should look like, and how to get the most rapid recovery and reuse of a partially damaged building. As facility and real estate professionals, we have to take the time to remember that is it is not IF, it is WHEN the next disaster will strike. It is now that we need to prepare the best practices to make sure our facilities and the end users in our facilities are safe when we do encounter the next disaster. Please join us and our wonderful panelists to discuss preparedness, recovery, and re-occupation of buildings in our IFMA-SV chapter meeting. 


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