Product Spotlight: Inspiring Mindfulness in your Workspace

Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
December 30, 2021

As the modern office continues to evolve to better fit staff needs, we are excited to see the increased awareness of the positive impact — to people and businesses — of mindfulness in the workplace.

We’re seeing big strides as we follow science to better support us as productive, working humans.Here are a few examples of what we’re learning:

  • Multitasking – once the buzzword for efficiency — can hurt productivity. Mindfulness is the new multitask.
  • Skipping breaks and sitting too long at a desk affects our ability to focus and be creative.
  • Open workspaces are good for team meetings, while smaller quiet zones within the same environment allow for privacy and concentration.
  • Employers everywhere are learning new ways to lead from anywhere, support hybrid work and flexible work schedules, and confront workplace health and safety.

Good Design is Good Business

What has remained consistent over the past 20 years is the fact that a well-designed workplace is a valuable business investment. When employees are comfortable in their work setting, they are more productive. Increasingly, however, science is helping us better understand what that means.

Much of the research points to the importance of mindfulness in the workplace. Mindfulness is the practice of being in the present, striving to eliminate distractions to focus on the here and now. Science shows that mindfulness helps us accomplish more and feel less stressed at the same time.

“Science shows that mindfulness helps us accomplish more and feel less stressed at the same time.”

According to “The New Normal: Research, Survey and a Look into the Future of the Workplace Post COVID-19” by Morey Smith and Trevor Hardy and published by Worktech Academy, employers should make a conscious effort to support the well-being of their employees. One way to do that is with creative furniture solutions.

BuzziSpace manufactures furniture that is designed to help reduce excessive noise, so people can feel more focused, less stressed, and thrive better in their working environments. Here is some design inspiration to help you support and promote mindfulness in your workplace.

Workplace Privacy Solutions

How do you create an open workspace that works great for team meetings, but can easily be adjusted for privacy and concentration? Browse through our creative ways you can create small quiet zones within your office environment that will boost well ness and productivity.


Pictured here: BuzziSpark


Pictured here: BuzziVille


Pictured here: BuzziVille


Pictured here: BuzziVille


Pictured here: BuzziBracks

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Improving Workplace Acoustics 

Noise distractions and loudness can increase stress and reduce productivity. Poor acoustics impair our ability to focus and concentrate. A well-balanced space is a key factor to performance and well-being. These acoustic-friendly ideas can be an easy add to your workspace.


Pictured here: BuzziPleat


Pictured here: BuzziBack


Pictured here: BuzziBlox


Pictured here: BuzziMoon


Pictured here: BuzziPouf

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Noise Reduction in Hospitality Spaces

After the shut-downs, we’ve been eager to enjoy time out in restaurants and bars with friends again. But all that time at home has made us even more aware of how much noise can detract from the experience. The negative impact of all that noise affects servers and other staff members as well. Here are some featured products designed for improving acoustics in lobbies, lounges, restaurants, bars, and other busy hospitality spaces.


Design inspiration for improving acoustics in hospitality reception areas


Design inspiration for improving acoustics in dining areas


Design inspiration for improving acoustics in lounge areas

Office Dividers for Privacy and Acoustics

Everyone is a little more interested in having their own personal space these days. As you transition your team back to the office, we have some attractive and practical ideas for flexible room partitioning. Our eye-catching products offer noise-reducing properties and are easy to set up wherever your team needs them.


Pictured here: BuzziScreen


Pictured here: BuzziShield Hook


Pictured here: BuzziPlanter


Pictured here: BuzziCactus

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Inspiring mindfulness in the workplace has a positive impact on people and businesses. Take a look at this this featured spotlight for furniture products that provide privacy and comfort in a variety of workplace environments.

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