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Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
June 24, 2022


To celebrate our 35th year as a company, Unisource Solutions is profiled in an industry magazine with an in-depth article. The profile piece highlights how we have assembled one of the most comprehensive and trusted packages of workplace services in the industry. 

The future of real estate is no longer about delivering four walls to tenants; instead, it’s about creating a unique, personalized customer experience that fosters meaningful interactions, collaboration, and productivity. Through a deep-dive interview with Unisource Solutions founder Jim Kastner, the article delves into our history as an industry pioneer, as well as our future as we navigate the changes we all are navigating. 

“It’s time to change how we think about work,” says Kastner. “The relationships between workers and firms are changing radically. Today it’s about managing the experience from hub to home. Welcome to the experience economy – a new workplace model, one that rehumanizes how we manage the workplace,” he posits.

As a Haworth Best in Class dealer, representing over 300 manufacturers, we have grown and adapted our company to include and partner with our clients to additionally provide an emphasis on providing strategic services with tactical solutions for the agile office. We are proud to celebrate 35 years and to continue providing trusted and authoritative guidance to our clients.

Read the full article in Business in Focus Magazine to learn how we provide Strategic Space Planning as well as decommissioning services, are committed to sustainability for our clients and ourselves, and how we provide a true partnership with our clients to help them address extremely complex challenges.


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