Elevate Your Space with MDC Architectural Panels

Jessy Miguel
by Jessy Miguel
February 21, 2024

As a workplace dealer designer, I recognize that the heart of any thriving business is an inspiring and productive workplace—a sanctuary where culture blooms and productivity thrives. My goal is to design spaces that not only reflect the unique character of the company but also serve as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency. Each selection of textures, colors, and materials isn't just an aesthetic choice; it's a deliberate step to create a productive space that elevates and inspires.

In our ongoing commitment to innovative design solutions, we're thrilled to introduce MDC Architectural Panels an innovative design solution and a game-changer for workplace design.

Alder Mega Texture MDC

Infinite Creativity

With MDC Architectural Panels, designers have the creative freedom to personalize every corner of a space with an extensive selection of patterns ranging from geometric to organic and textured to sleek. The finishes themselves offer transformative effects, with choices including matte for subdued elegance, gloss for a reflective sheen, or intricate textures that play with light and shadow.

The result is an interior landscape that tells a story—whether it's one of corporate professionalism, creative flair, or tranquil serenity, these panels become the canvas on which these narratives come to life. a

Groovy MDC architectural panel

Noise Reduction Meets Style

in busy workplaces, commercial spaces, and hospitality environments, sound control is critical. But who says functional noise reduction can't be synonymous with style? MDC Architectural Panels blend acoustic functionality with an array of design possibilities. These panels don’t just absorb unwanted echo; they stand as striking design elements.

MDC architectural panels

Cost-Effective without Compromise

MDC Architectural Panels provide cost savings without cutting corners on quality or design. Their versatility brings a touch of uniqueness to every project, offering endless possibilities without the weight of exorbitant expenses.

Woodland MDC panel

Design Flexibility at Its Finest

With patterns and finish options aplenty, these panels allow for unique texture and aesthetic play that brings walls, dividers, and ceilings to life. Whether we're curating a mood with subtle tones or a vibrant design statement, MDC Architectural Panels empower us to push the boundaries.


A Commitment to Sustainability

Our team at Unisource Solutions is committed to sustainability and I love that MDC shares the same passion and their architectural panels are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious. Built of eco-friendly materials, they are free of chemicals, solvents, and carcinogenic agents, which low VOCs. Plus, they're fully recyclable.

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