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Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
April 22, 2024

In celebration of Earth Day, we take this opportunity to reflect on our environmental investments over the years. Our dedication to sustainability, prioritizing people and the planet, has been a cornerstone of our business strategy and corporate ethos from the beginning. Our approach involves a collaborative effort with our clients to lessen their carbon footprint while driving change among our employees and throughout our industry.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

When we embarked on our journey at Unisource Solutions, we prioritized initiatives that empowered our clients to recycle their existing products. Our objectives were clear: to minimize costs and significantly reduce waste directed to landfills. Each passing year has seen us advancing steadily, as we have consistently succeeded in steering products and materials away from disposal sites. We've expanded our portfolio to include more products certified for sustainability, and we've been instrumental in designing workplaces that not only foster a healthier indoor air quality but also contribute positively to our clients' well-being and productivity.

Our dedication to sustainability and creating eco-friendly spaces underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in workspace management and design.

reduce reuse recycle

Today, we help clients across the “reduce, reuse, recycle” spectrum. We refurbish and restore used office furniture, ensuring the least amount ends up in landfills. We responsibly decommission offices for our clients, finding new uses for underutilized and unneeded furniture. And we work with manufacturers committed to traceability and transparency so we can help our clients with their net zero goals.

Unisource Solutions’ Environmental Policy

  • Implement operations initiatives that exceed our legal requirements to protect the environment and the health of our employees and customers.
  • Continue to require our service partners and the manufacturers we represent to operate at a high sustainable standard.
  • Practice pollution prevention measures for ourselves and our clients that are based in effective and efficient waste management programs via the re-use, recycling, and reduction of resources.
  • Provide decommission services that support charities through donation programs.
  • Employ a refusal policy of excess cardboard in our receiving department.
  • Encourage employee participation in onsite and offsite activities that promote and improve environmental sustainability.
  • Maintain and support a hybrid workplace model to reduce our employees emissions and pollution impact.

Jim-Kastner-S"Today more than ever, we believe, it is imperative that we take ownership of the impact we have on our planet and community. Thirty-five years ago, we began offering services that facilitated the recycling of our clients’ existing products, aiming to reduce their waste and save money while minimizing landfill use. Today, we are driven to do more, committing ourselves to promoting sustainable practices and advocating for planet-friendly solutions. We believe that environmental responsibility is paramount, and to that end, we are committed to continually educating ourselves and our clients on sustainable practices, while continuously evaluating and improving our own environmental practices”.

Jim Kastner, CEO


Unisource Solutions 2023 Sustainability

Decommissioning with Social Consciousness 

For our clients that engage us for decommissioning services, we balance cost-saving measures with socially conscious practices. In our experience, these are often synonymous efforts and are win-win efforts. 

For example, as a result of Union Bank decommissioning project, we were able to support 50-plus charities with office furniture valuing $1.5 million, all while reducing the bank’s storage inventory, which added up to considerable savings. Through a donation partnership with the Huntington Park Police Department and the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, we created a productive workspace for social workers, affording them more meaningful contact with customers. And for AT&T, we worked closely with the telecommunication company to reduce their carbon impact and overhead by consolidating their Los Angeles operations. All proceeds from the liquidation were donated to a local non-profit, maximizing their contribution to the community.

In 2023 alone, we diverted 54 metric tons from the landfill in donations! By giving unneeded products to charities, we were able to uplift organizations, and the people they serve, while doing some good for Mother Earth. If we are unable to re-home items, we disassemble pieces and recycle them for their parts. Last year, we processed 471 tons of reused, recycled, and diverted product and materials.

Aligning Our Visions With Partners

In addition to ensuring the longest life cycle for office furniture, we are also a member of BIFMA, a not‐for-profit trade association for business and institutional furniture manufacturers committed to sustainability and social responsibility. We lean on their trusted furniture sustainability certification program, Level® BY BIFMA. The vetted product registry lists responsibly manufactured products that have been third-party reviewed and validated for meeting stringent sustainable guidelines. Haworth, one of the many eco-conscious brands we represent, has 68 products listed.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on working with like-minded architecture and design firms that prioritize sustainability efforts. Many of these firms have signed the AIA 2030 Commitment Signatory, others, like Behnisch Architekten, have been acknowledged for their green building designs, or have achieved the ILFI’s Living Building Challenge, LEED Certification, or WELL Standards. 

Embracing Sustainable Practices Partners

With 40% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions coming from buildings, and commercial furniture being a substantial component of the built environment, it’s critical that we embrace sustainable practices. Whether we are working directly with clients to reduce their GHG emissions or are leveraging resources to help meet state and federal carbon goals, every year, as a company and a trusted partner, we aim a little higher to stretch and flex how we can better touch lightly.

2024 Sustainability Report

Unisource-Sustainability-2024-coverDownload Sustainability Commitment 2024 for our full report outlining our steadfast commitment to fostering a healthy planet, reducing our carbon impact, and collaborating to achieve collective change for environmental and social responsibility. 


Learn More About Our Net-Zero Partnership

To learn how we can help nurture a cleaner, greener workspace and built environment, contact us today. 

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