4 Insider Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Office Furniture

Written by Editor on December 3, 2018

There’s no denying that furniture can transform a workplace. When a chair or couch feels good, you feel good. Furniture can change the expression of an office and instantly convey a brand’s identity. But office furniture is much more than a decorative item. It’s an investment. With proper planning, you can easily extend the life of your furniture without having to purchase new pieces. And with the proper care, it can withstand the wear and tear of an active workspace and maintain it’s beauty and function for years to come. Below are 4 insider tips to get the most out of your workplace furniture.

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3 Systems Furniture for the Agile Office

Written by Editor on March 20, 2018

We believe the agile office is a workplace based on balance. By combining components of open offices, traditional cubicle arrangements, and hospitality design features, balanced workspaces are fostering employee wellness, enabling focus and encouraging collaboration. There are many elements to achieve a successful, hybrid office design, but a key feature to make the most of your agile workspace is systems furniture and seating.

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