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Communicating your company culture through furniture and workplace

Posted by Editor on April 23, 2018

Expressing corporate culture comes in many forms via traditional branding assets like your logo, website, advertising, and marketing collateral. But a surefire way to communicate corporate culture—for employees and customers—is through your built environment. Your physical workplace is a key avenue for demonstrating your firm’s guiding principles and reinforcing your values. While mapping out a well-curated office that is on-brand and on-message takes thoughtful planning and reflection, expressing culture through furniture and office design can be an adaptable and effective strategy.

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Preparing for Seismic Disaster - IFMA SV Chapter Meeting

Posted by Michelle Scheumeister on April 11, 2018

Join me on April 25, 2018 as I host the IFMA Chapter Meeting – Disaster Preparedness and Recovery with a group of experts to help provide guidance and insight into mitigating risk and optimizing recovery.

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Cheat Sheet: Workplace Optimization for Higher ROI

Posted by Editor on April 3, 2018

Is your office due for a design overhaul? Before you can make a case to relocate your firm to a more desirable location or ask for funds to update your current workspace, do a deep dive into how your office can work for you to make your employees happier and your business more profitable. 

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See Our LEED Gold Certified Case Study for Dole Packaged Foods

Posted by Editor on March 23, 2018

Dole Packaged Foods, the world’s largest supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables, wanted their headquarters to be a place where employees could truly flourish. Unisource Solutions helped make their vision a reality with a bright and vibrant agile environment that is also LEED Gold Certified.

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3 Systems Furniture for the Agile Office

Posted by Editor on March 20, 2018

We believe the agile office is a workplace based on balance. By combining components of open offices, traditional cubicle arrangements, and hospitality design features, balanced workspaces are fostering employee wellness, enabling focus and encouraging collaboration. There are many elements to achieve a successful, hybrid office design, but a key feature to make the most of your agile workspace is systems furniture and seating.

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3 Tips to Maximize Your Workspace Design Budget

Posted by Rick Bartlett on March 9, 2018

Employees are a company’s biggest investment. For most large firms, their office space is their second. As more and more companies are designing their workspaces to appeal to their workforce, they’re making their design budgets pull double duty. Gone are the days of utilitarian office design. Redesigning or starting anew requires innovative solutions to maximize workspace design budget, square footage, brand image, and a positive employee experience.

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Pac-12 Network Case Study

Posted by Editor on March 5, 2018

The Pac-12 Network found a location in San Francisco's South of Market District and worked with Unisource Solutions to transform the new space into a flexible, modern office that optimzes square footage and convey's Pac-12's unique brand and culture.

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Deep Dive Breakfast with IFMA SV on ROI for Employee Wellness Programs

Posted by Michelle Scheumeister on March 2, 2018

Come join me at the IFMA Silicon Valley Chapter meeting on March 14th, 2018 for an exciting event that I am planning and serving as co-chair for the meet and greet.

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TREND ALERT: The Agile Workplace is the Balanced Workspace

Posted by Editor on February 28, 2018

Think open offices are a thing of the past? The pendulum may have swung from rows of cubicles to an open floor plan, but we aren’t seeing signs that it’s swinging back to the traditional days. In fact, collaborative working environments are just one component of the “new” agile workplace.

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Shawmut Design and Construction Case Study

Posted by Editor on February 15, 2018

Unisource Solutions worked with Shawmut to optimize their West Los Angeles office design and workspace, facilitate workplace furnishing needs and source product representative of their brand.

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