Q&A: Elizabeth Redmond on Productivity and Engagement in New Work Styles

Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
May 06, 2020

Elizabeth Redmond participated as a panelist in our live webinar Post-Pandemic: The Future of Workplace Strategy. Elizabeth is cofounder and CEO of CoWorkr, a workplace sensors company focusing on balancing space efficiency with a healthy workplace.

Below are Elizabeth’s answers to questions submitted from attendees during the webinar. 



Q: Do you have any feedback on privacy with sensor technology, especially in Europe?

CoWorkr sensors are completely anonymous. PIR sensors and our infrared counters simply measure occupancy. Though sensors are tied to individual desks for the purpose of hot desking and contact tracing, data is anonymized in the analytics view. CoWorkr is GDPR compliant. The only PII that is collected is the users on the real estate team who create accounts on coworkr.co


Q: Will businesses be able to install Coworkr’s technology in home offices to report back to businesses with a lot of WFH staff?

We do not recommend using sensors at home to track their child's bedroom right now.


Q: Can you give more information about the sensors that you just mentioned?

Please learn more at coworkr.co and reach out to us for a demo and additional materials: info@coworkr.co We would love to learn about your RTW strategy and discover how we can help.


Q: What/how should post-COVID productivity be measured? It seems very elusive as a general measure?

Productivity is important but turnover costs an organization far more than a 10% loss in productivity. Hiring and training a replacement can cost up to 2.5x the workers annual salary. We believe that companies should focus on engagement, health, and retention. These factors all lead to sustained productivity over time.


Q: Are there sensors that can accommodate industrial hygienic capabilities and capacities?

I do not know of any at the time.


About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Redmond is cofounder & CEO of CoWorkr- a workplace sensors company. She has a background in design, life cycle analysis, and materials consulting. In all of her work, she is most passionate about finding efficiencies in the built environment. At CoWorkr, they are working on helping companies figure out how to use less space while maintaining a dynamic and healthy staff.

Tags: Employee Productivity, Healthy Environments, Agile Office, Workplace Optimization, Office Design

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