Workplace Design Takes a Cue from the Hospitality Sector

Jenece Como
by Jenece Como
April 30, 2019

In our line of work, we talk a lot about how an office space can impact the work experience. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, attracting and retaining top talent is top of mind. So how do you use the office environment as a tool to lure the best and the brightest? One of the biggest trends we’re seeing in office design is the integration of hospitality elements to create a great work experience. We’re witnessing it with the design features, layouts and amenities. Like hotels, companies are looking at the office holistically. They’re creating an entire brand experience, offering a variety of working environments that cater to individual workstyles.



Great Work Experience

More and more companies are taking cues from the hospitality industry to better provide moments throughout the day. Curated seating, cafes, and communal areas, are bolstering employee engagement and creating a positive experience. According to the Gensler U.S. Workplace Survey 2019, which polled more than 6,000 U.S. office workers across a variety of industries and demographics, 14% of corporate workers use co-working spaces regularly. The survey also revealed, according to 79% of their respondents, that choice and variety are critical for a great experience. Just as hotels strive to create a memorable stay, corporations are following suit. They’re creating a fresh atmosphere while giving employees ample choice to get work done.


Design Features, Layout and Amenities

In a move towards a more balanced office, corporations are adopting corpitality concepts, infusing hospitality amenities and residential design elements into their workplace design. In addition to providing choice when it comes to how an employee works, employers are creating moments within these seating choices. 


  1. Reception areas and lobbies: To welcome guests, these spaces resemble a well-appointed hotel lobby. Stylish sofas and armchairs, and attractive area rugs and lamps that are more akin to a living room, instantly create a warm, welcoming environment.
  2. Social areas: Pockets of comfortable seating clusters are bestrewn throughout the office. They capture the hustle and bustle of a busy hotel, paving the path for impromptu meetings and encounters.
  3. Conference Rooms: State-of-the-art conference rooms with flat screen TVs, projectors, and teleconferencing capabilities, are on par with the best business hotels.
  4. Pantry: Even the pantry area is feeling more like a hotel lounge. Banquette seating, espresso machines, and healthy snacks, coupled with attractive graphic elements, create excitement.
  5. Wireless amenities: WiFi and charging stations are becoming the norm in workplace design. Employees have these services at their fingertips to help improve the workplace experience (and unlike hotels, these amenities are free).


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