Reimagining the Corporate Campus with Sonos

Written by Editor on February 26, 2019
As a leading consumer tech company, Sonos is known for their high-quality, easy to use products. True to their brand values, they have reimagined their own corporate campus.
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Tags: Healthy Environments, Agile Office, Case Study

Office Furniture Partner Checklist

Written by Editor on February 11, 2019
Deciding on furniture for your office should be a fun experience — a creative outlet to express your corporate culture and communicate your brand values.
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Tags: Office Design, Office Furniture, Furniture Partner

Evolving Workplace Needs Require Corporate Agility

Written by Rick Bartlett on January 24, 2019
Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of speaking with our bright colleagues at OfficeSpace Software — a facility management software provider that manages the blog Workplace Unplugged.
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Tags: Design Trends, Agile Office, Company News and Events

Should You Invest in Office Design?

Written by Editor on January 19, 2019
Yes! Your growth projections and business strategy will dictate to what extent but improving your office environment should be top of mind when assessing your business.
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Tags: Employee Productivity, Healthy Environments, Workplace Optimization, Office Design

Workplace Resolutions: Designing Healthy Office Habits

Written by Editor on January 7, 2019
It’s a new year. And with the new year, comes new resolutions. While most of us aspire to get in shape and eat healthier, we often overlook how our workplace environment can help us achieve our goals.
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Tags: Employee Productivity, Healthy Environments, Workplace Optimization

Sneak Peek of Platform, Our New Workplace Furniture Brand

Written by Jeffrey Braun on December 10, 2018
It’s no secret, we’ve been busy working on our new furniture line…. And just in time for the holidays! We want to give you a behind-the-scenes first glimpse at our inaugural commercial furniture collection.
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Tags: Company News and Events, Platform-U

4 Insider Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Office Furniture

Written by Editor on December 3, 2018
Office furniture is an investment. With proper planning, you can easily extend the life of your furniture without having to purchase new pieces.
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Tags: Tips, Systems Furniture

Top 3 Workplace Industry Design Trends We Saw in 2018

Written by Editor on November 24, 2018
It’s been an exciting year for the workplace industry. Companies are getting more expressive and designing their workplaces to better align with their company values, mission and culture.
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Tags: Design Trends, Healthy Environments, Agile Office, Workplace Optimization

Declutter Your Workplace for Maximum Productivity

Written by Editor on November 12, 2018
Research shows that having an organized, decluttered space can have a positive impact on our lives. However, living a pared-down life is challenging for many. And not only for individuals, but also for companies.
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Tags: Employee Productivity, Tips, Workplace Optimization

Integrated AEC Teams Drive Design Projects — Here’s How to Set One Up

Written by Editor on October 29, 2018
Assembling the right team will be the first—and possibly the most important—step for achieving success with your workspace design project. Just as an A-team can make a project, an ill-fitting team can cause a lot of project headaches; potentially harming your reputation.
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Tags: Workplace Optimization, Project Management, Inventory Management

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