The Cost of Getting the Hybrid Workplace Wrong

Written by Editor on July 21, 2022

Getting the hybrid working model wrong can cost companies lost talent, bad publicity, and internal upheaval. Learn how to get hybrid workplaces right.

NeoCon ‘22 Report: Four Trends Transforming the Way We Work

Written by Chloe Thornton on July 8, 2022

NeoCon has come and gone, and the trends emerging from the conference are transformative. Emphasizing health, wellness and a connection to each other, a common NeoCon theme was “people first”.

Employee Wellbeing is the New Workplace Imperative

Written by Editor on June 28, 2022

By investing in people’s well-being, together, we can build workplace communities that are better equipped to support each other during trying times and enable our global community to thrive.

Strategy with Analytics, Design, Services and Made to Order Product Solutions

Written by Editor on June 24, 2022

Unisource Solutions was recently profiled in an industry publication about how we have assembled one of the most comprehensive and trusted packages of workplace services in the industry. 

Spotlight: YWCA Greater Los Angeles

Written by Editor on June 15, 2022

As we reach the halfway point in the Year of U, we want to celebrate the people and organizations who are pushing us to do better — as whole people and as business entities — with a special spotlight on the YWCA Greater Los Angeles.

What Your Office Chair Says About You

Written by Editor on May 18, 2022

Office chairs come in all shapes, sizes and styles. What does your office chair say about your personality and workstyle?

Celebrating Earth Day

Written by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs on April 22, 2022

Unisource Solutions is committed to fostering a healthy planet, reducing our carbon impact, and continually coming together to work toward collective change for environmental and social responsibility.

Outdoor Offices Offer Opportunity for Optimized Performance

Written by Editor on April 14, 2022

In recent years, there’s been a shift in workplace design where employers are now focusing their attention on bringing the indoors out. That is, in an effort to create safe, productive work environments, companies are expanding their office footprint to incorporate user-friendly outdoor work areas.

Workplace Analytics is Changing Our Perspective on the Employee Experience

Written by Editor on April 5, 2022

By better understanding how employees use the office, workplace analytics ensures employees' experiences benefit both them and your organization.

Employee Health and Wellness

Written by Editor on March 17, 2022

In honor of Women's History Month and our own 2022: Year of U, we interviewed one of our closest Woman-Owned Business Enterprise partners, E3 Ergonomics President Joy K. Boese.

Unisource Solutions Named Best in Class!

Written by Editor on February 24, 2022

Haworth, a global leader in the contract furnishings industry, has announced that Unisource Solutions has been named a 2022 Best In Class dealer.

Cultivating Wellness in the Workplace

Written by Editor on February 21, 2022

Workplace wellness programs have evolved dramatically over the past years with employers playing an increasingly critical role in employee mental, physical, emotional, and psychological health.

Healthcare Design Trends 2022 - Balancing Contagion, Comfort, and Connection

Written by Amira Marouf on February 8, 2022

The healthcare industry is undergoing a reevaluation of facility design needs. While healthcare facilities have pivoted their operations from safe, supporting spaces to health-enhancing environments focused on physical and emotional well-being, the pandemic has made it clear that more needs to be done when balancing contagion, comfort, and connection.

2022: The Year of U!

Written by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs on January 7, 2022

This year, it’s all about you, our beloved community of designers, innovators, the people who care about their people – everyone who has learned to adapt, transform, and overcome over the past few years. Together, we’ve faced all this with an ever-growing spirit of ambition and desire to improve.

Product Spotlight: Inspiring Mindfulness in your Workspace

Written by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs on December 30, 2021

As the modern office continues to evolve to better fit staff needs, we are excited to see the increased awareness of the positive impact — to people and businesses — of mindfulness in the workplace.

Supporting Mindfulness in the Workplace

Written by Dawn Howell on November 19, 2021

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully aware of where we are and what we’re doing in the moment. Promoting mindfulness in the workplace—and the home office—increases productivity, improves employee satisfaction, and generally reduces stress levels throughout an organization.

Supporting Our Community Through Furniture Donation

Written by Editor on October 12, 2021

At Unisource Solutions, we are committed to partnering with institutions and organizations that support our community. These partnerships make communities grow closer and stronger.

CREW East Bay Panel: The New Normal in The Office

Written by Editor on September 8, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work, but that doesn’t mean the office is dead. On the contrary, companies around the world are transforming their offices to create safer, more flexible workspaces and adapt to this new normal.

Smart Lockers: IoT Technology for the New Workplace

Written by Editor on August 12, 2021

Smart lockers offer work environments an effective technology to support flexible work practices, especially in hybrid offices.

Hub to Home - The Hybrid Workplace

Written by Editor on August 9, 2021

As the pandemic has upended the way we work, many companies are shifting the structure and size of their office spaces. It’s no surprise that the demand for office space decommissioning has skyrocketed.

Decommission with a Focus on Social Responsibility

Written by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs on June 23, 2021

As the pandemic has upended the way we work, many companies are shifting the structure and size of their office spaces. It’s no surprise that the demand for office space decommissioning has skyrocketed.

How Design Can Increase Wellness

Written by Dawn Howell on April 28, 2021

A new building movement has taken root, one which looks to not only support the planet around the building but the wellness of the people within the building.

Celebrating Earth Day and Sustainability

Written by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs on April 16, 2021

Having an agile workspace not only saves money, but helps you be more sustainable. Reconfigure using the components you already have – and recycle the rest.

5 Top Trends in 2021 Healthcare Design

Written by Dawn Howell on March 27, 2021

If you’re thinking about how to plan a new healthcare setting or improve the one you already have, here are the five top healthcare design trends in 2021.

19 Healthcare Furniture Products to Transform Your Space

Written by Dawn Howell on March 22, 2021

Here is a deep dive into 19 healthcare products that can improve the patient experience, the caregiver experience, and transform your space into a calming environment:

From Hospital to Hospitality: 4 Shifts That Are Changing Healthcare

Written by Dawn Howell on January 14, 2021

Healthcare environments are unique spaces designed for healing and productivity. Outside industry influences, and now pandemic conditions, are broadening the boundaries of what was once considered best practices in healthcare environments. 

4 Steps to Decommission an Office

Written by Editor on November 11, 2020

With the changes to our workstyles and lifestyles thrust upon us by the pandemic, many businesses are reconfiguring and decommissioning their offices. Businesses need to have an office space decommission plan to ensure a streamlined and efficient process.

Get the Most Out of your Work-From-Home Office

Written by Editor on August 28, 2020

One of the big challenges for people now working from a home office or workspace is how to create an effective, healthy, and attractive space to work from. Working from home gives you more freedom to create the space that works best for you. Whether working from home is for the short-term or long-term, here is how you can get the most out of your work-from-home workstation. 

At-Home Ergo Tips

Written by Editor on June 30, 2020

Working from home has its perks and its cricks. While technology and social platforms have made it easy to remote-in and stay connected, they haven’t addressed physical posturing. With many of us working in substandard ergonomic conditions, our bodies are taking a toll.

Q&A: Elizabeth Redmond on Productivity and Engagement in New Work Styles

Written by Editor on May 6, 2020

Elizabeth Redmond participated as a panelist in our live webinar Post-Pandemic: The Future of Workplace Strategy. Elizabeth is cofounder and CEO of CoWorkr, a workplace sensors company focusing on balancing space efficiency with a healthy workplace. 

Q&A: Kristi Paulson On Adapting to the Not-So-Normal

Written by Editor on May 6, 2020

Kristi Paulson participated as a panelist in our live webinar Post-Pandemic: The Future of Workplace Strategy. Krisiti leads the Los Angeles office of Behnisch Architekten on projects that range from educational, residential and workplace to museums and sports facilities.

Q&A: Ala Sobierajski and Tammy Kosloff on Organizational Reaction in the Face of the Pandemic

Written by Editor on May 6, 2020

Ala Sobierajksi and Tammy Kosloff from HuddleHQ participated in our live webinar Post-Pandemic: The Future of Workplace Strategy. Ala and Tammy are industry veterans that provide keen insight into how we react organizationally in the face of a pandemic. 

Post-Pandemic: The Future of Workplace Strategy

Written by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs on April 25, 2020

What does the workplace look like after COVID-19? We brought together a panel of experts focusing on what to expect in the post-pandemic workplace. Moderated by industry veteran Rick Bartlett, Unisource Solutions, the discussion covers topics including workplace and architectural strategy, occupancy management and workspace optimization.

Winter Blues? Not With These Inspiring Office Hacks

Written by Editor on February 19, 2020

While the lower temperatures might make it hard to get into the working spirit, with a few minor changes, your office can feel more like a place of refuge than a place of woe. 

Promoting Health in the Workplace

Written by Editor on January 21, 2020

Whether team members have committed to getting in shape, being less stressed, or achieving a work-life balance, encouraging physical and mental health in the workplace is easy to do.

How Employee Work Style Matters for Employee Engagement

Written by Editor on January 3, 2020

Corporations are now designing offices optimized for their employees. Learn how to design for specific work style personalities.

2020 Vision - Workplace Design Trends to Watch

Written by Editor on December 16, 2019

Workplace design is having a moment! With businesses focusing on employee health and well-being, we uncover five trends we expect to see in 2020.

Choosing the Right Office Layout for Your Business

Written by Editor on December 5, 2019

How can companies choose an office layout that's right for their workforce and their bottom line? Consider your budget, culture, vision, and values.

From Smart Home to Smart Office

Written by Editor on November 22, 2019

From “smart home” to “smart office”, the Internet of Things is shaping how we work and how we design for work. As workplace designers concerned with space optimization and worker satisfaction, gathering and analyzing data is a must. Understanding how often individuals use a space, feel in a room, occupy a chair, or reserve a conference room, can help us better design an office that works for them.

Workspace Programming 101: Five Questions with HuddleHQ

Written by Editor on November 14, 2019

Workplace analytics is a powerful tool used to optimize organizational transformation through design. Read our interview with Huddle HQ to see how this partner approaches workplace design through the lens of the employee experience.

Prioritizing Patient Experience in Healthcare Design

Written by Dawn Howell on November 2, 2019

Designers are creating spaces that cater to a gentler patient experience while also taking into consideration staff and visitors. Providing excellent patient care begins with providing spaces that leave a lasting impression; a place where patients, visitors, and providers feel comfortable, and where patients and staff can thrive.

Improve Employee Engagement Through Workplace Design

Written by Editor on October 15, 2019

Designing for improved employee engagement entails creating expressive work environments that promote collaboration, comfort, and company culture. Learn how to achieve higher productivity, lower turnover, and a more positive atmosphere with this list of workplace design suggestions to help impassion and excite employees.

7 Design Tips for Workplace Wellness

Written by Editor on October 2, 2019

Research shows that a quality workplace can help reduce stress, improve productivity, and spur employee engagement and collaboration. So how do you create a workplace setting to meet the wellness needs of today’s modern workforce? Read these seven tips to learn how.

Hot Topic: 5 Ways to Integrate Biophilia into the Workplace

Written by Editor on September 10, 2019

As businesses strive to create healthier, more productive spaces, designers are looking to biophilia to connect employees to the natural world.

4 Tips for Healthy Workplace Acoustics

Written by Jenece Como on August 28, 2019

We all want good air, light and sound in our offices. It may be impossible to abolish unwanted noise, but we can do our small part to help design spaces with optimal noise and light levels. Read our four tips to keep the noise pollution down while letting the light in.

5 Office Furniture Trends with Staying Power

Written by Joanna Banka on August 5, 2019

This year, we’re seeing more companies shift to a balanced, agile office concept. They are adopting design practices that optimize the workspace, paving the path for innovative design solutions that cater to a diverse, multigenerational staff.

Workplace Design: The Not So Hidden Aspects of a Well-Designed Office

Written by Editor on July 26, 2019

A well-designed office goes beyond workstation configurations and office layouts. It entails how employees interact with the space throughout the day and how they respond to lighting, acoustics, and overall environment.

Demystifying Custom Office Furniture

Written by Christine Scotti on July 15, 2019

We demystify the custom furniture process and bust three myths about custom. Learn why custom furniture is a viable option for your next workplace project.

Data-Driven Workplace Optimization

Written by Editor on July 2, 2019

Data analysis is on the rise when it comes to designing a better office. Read how leadership is taking an increasingly sophisticated approach to designing a more productive and efficient workplace.

Four Key Office Attributes You Can’t Ignore

Written by Editor on June 10, 2019

Effective office design — it’s what our industry is built around and what we strive for every day to help our clients with. So how do you design an effective office? Here are four key office attributes you can't ignore for an optimized workplace.

What's Trending and Selling - 2018 Recap Reveals Balanced, People-Centric Workplaces

Written by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs on June 4, 2019

Each year, Unisource Solutions assists our clients in helping to create spaces that reflect their company culture and aligns with their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Google Spruce Goose Takes Home IIDA Calibre Award for Unisource Solutions Team

Written by Editor on May 31, 2019

The project team for Google, Spruce Goose, was recognized by the IIDA Southern California Chapter with a Calibre Award for Extra Large Work Space.

Find Your Company’s Workstyle Balance

Written by Editor on May 21, 2019

The corporate workplace is rapidly shifting. Corporate cultures are evolving to reflect a mobile-driven economy and a multigenerational workforce. As a result, their in-office work schedules are less structured, affording a more relaxed, collaborative atmosphere.

Trending: Tactile Textures Elevate Design of Workplace Furniture

Written by Christine Scotti on May 7, 2019

We’re living in a world of attainable luxury. Driven by comfort and enabled by technology, the luxury items of yesteryear are available to us around the clock, and in every aspect of our lives. From our personal style to our homes and in our offices, one key trend that is helping us achieve a luxurious and sophisticated look: textured textiles.

Workplace Design Takes a Cue from the Hospitality Sector

Written by Jenece Como on April 30, 2019

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, attracting and retaining top talent is top of mind. So how do you use the office environment as a tool to lure the best and the brightest? One of the biggest trends we’re seeing in office design is the integration of hospitality elements.

2 Macro Trends Shaping Workplace Design and How We Work

Written by Editor on April 2, 2019

The new technology-driven, multigenerational workforce is shaping workplace design and fundamentally the way we work. From the speed in which we communicate to our plugged-in life and work styles.

Why We’re Investing and Fully Engaged with the Bay Area Council Workforce of the Future Initiative

Written by Jim Kastner on March 28, 2019

I joined the Bay Area Council’s Workforce of the Future Committee to help ensure that local companies, as well as California’s largest employers, are able to dip into our community and state’s rich talent pool and find the right people for the jobs they need to fill.

Finally! A Furniture Strategy For Your Entertainment Production Office

Written by Christine Scotti on March 18, 2019

Unisource Solutions provides a furniture asset strategy specifically designed for Production Facility offices that makes setting up a production office seamless and timely.

The Curated Workstyle – Where Design, Selection and Procurement Come Together

Written by Christine Scotti on March 5, 2019

Personalizing the workplace experience is not an easy task. With today’s diverse workforce and modern working habits, discovering what office furniture works best can be overwhelming.

Reimagining the Corporate Campus with Sonos

Written by Editor on February 26, 2019

As a leading consumer tech company, Sonos is known for their high-quality, easy to use products. True to their brand values, they have reimagined their own corporate campus.

Office Furniture Partner Checklist

Written by Editor on February 11, 2019

Deciding on furniture for your office should be a fun experience — a creative outlet to express your corporate culture and communicate your brand values.

Evolving Workplace Needs Require Corporate Agility

Written by Rick Bartlett on January 24, 2019

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of speaking with our bright colleagues at OfficeSpace Software — a facility management software provider that manages the blog Workplace Unplugged.

Should You Invest in Office Design?

Written by Editor on January 19, 2019

Yes! Your growth projections and business strategy will dictate to what extent but improving your office environment should be top of mind when assessing your business.

Workplace Resolutions: Designing Healthy Office Habits

Written by Editor on January 7, 2019

It’s a new year. And with the new year, comes new resolutions. While most of us aspire to get in shape and eat healthier, we often overlook how our workplace environment can help us achieve our goals.

Sneak Peek of Platform, Our New Workplace Furniture Brand

Written by Jeffrey Braun on December 10, 2018

It’s no secret, we’ve been busy working on our new furniture line…. And just in time for the holidays! We want to give you a behind-the-scenes first glimpse at our inaugural commercial furniture collection.

4 Insider Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Office Furniture

Written by Editor on December 3, 2018

Office furniture is an investment. With proper planning, you can easily extend the life of your furniture without having to purchase new pieces.

Top 3 Workplace Industry Design Trends We Saw in 2018

Written by Editor on November 24, 2018

It’s been an exciting year for the workplace industry. Companies are getting more expressive and designing their workplaces to better align with their company values, mission and culture.

Declutter Your Workplace for Maximum Productivity

Written by Editor on November 12, 2018

Research shows that having an organized, decluttered space can have a positive impact on our lives. However, living a pared-down life is challenging for many. And not only for individuals, but also for companies.

Integrated AEC Teams Drive Design Projects — Here’s How to Set One Up

Written by Editor on October 29, 2018

Assembling the right team will be the first—and possibly the most important—step for achieving success with your workspace design project. Just as an A-team can make a project, an ill-fitting team can cause a lot of project headaches; potentially harming your reputation.

Biophilic Design: Connecting Workers to Nature

Written by Editor on October 15, 2018

While many of us are logging longer hours and having our phones at arm’s reach 24/7, we’re becoming disconnected from nature and disengaged with our surroundings.

Ergonomics and Workplace Design

Written by Editor on October 1, 2018

Ergonomics is the art of designing a workplace that prioritizes humans and their needs. This human-centric approach is rooted in a scientific discipline and is an important part of workplace optimization best practices.

Making the Open Office Work Better

Written by Editor on September 17, 2018

Open office plans have been criticized in studies citing lower employee performance, among other push backs and issues. However, they serve a function in the modern office layout.

Survey Says: 3 Key Insights to Workplace Solutions, Presented by Capital One

Written by Editor on September 6, 2018

Based on a study from Capital One, here are three key insights that architects, designers and furniture makers and providers ought to consider when coming up with workplace solutions.

Ergonomics and Collaboration Power Electro Rent’s New Headquarters

Written by Editor on August 31, 2018

Electro Rent, the world’s largest test equipment services company, moved their American Headquarters to the Corporate Pointe at West Hills, a 10-building campus-style setting on 80 acres.

Hot Topic: Office Culture and Design

Written by Editor on August 21, 2018

Those in the business of workplace design are constantly monitoring how the office is changing and what factors are influencing that change.

Beat the Summertime Blues With Blue Workplace Design Tips

Written by Editor on August 7, 2018

We’re marveling at the incredible workspace design coming out of California. And in the spirit of summertime, we’ve put together a collection of blue office ideas.

Three Workplace Trends Redefining the Office

Written by Editor on July 31, 2018

In recent years, we have seen a shift in workplace design, moving away from a one-size fits all model to a more inclusive, adaptable style.

Getting the Balance Right – Agile Office or Open-Plan?

Written by Editor on July 21, 2018

A new academic study finds that open office plans are not effective for promoting collaboration, but more agile offices that embody a more balanced blend of private and collaborative space are more effective for productivity.

Resimercial and Corporality Design Styles Blend Comfort, Productivity

Written by Editor on July 17, 2018

Companies are revamping their workplaces and integrating new design concepts to foster a productive climate while supporting their employees with warm and familiar styles.

5 Design Trends We Saw at NeoCon 2018

Written by Christine Scotti on June 28, 2018

NeoCon may be over, but the furniture designs coming out of it have real staying power. Our team hit NeoCon on a mission to see the latest.

What Is Corporate Culture and How Does Your Workspace Affect It?

Written by Editor on June 13, 2018

Rooted in a business’ goals, strategies, and organizational structure, corporate culture reflects management’s shared vision and values with their employees.

Unisource Solutions’ Aftershock Project Wins IIDA Calibre Design Award

Written by Editor on June 12, 2018

Unisource Solutions is proud to receive another award! This time for our work on world-class mobile gaming studio Aftershock's new office.

Endomol Shine Workplace Projects Company Culture and Creativity

Written by Editor on June 1, 2018

Television production company Endemol Shine has created a North American headquarters that is quintessential resi-mercial.

Inventory Management: Three Questions to Ask your Warehouse Operator

Written by Editor on May 22, 2018

The biggest trend in office design is a move towards agile office workspaces — the shift in working where you want and how you want. And the biggest thing in the agile office is flexibility with furnishings.

Spring 2018 Southern California Design and Architecture Awards Update

Written by Rick Bartlett on May 17, 2018

We have two Southern California Design and Architecture awards events coming this Spring that we're very excited to participate in.

Project Management: Being on Top of Your Workplace Design Project

Written by Jamal Nasserdeen on May 13, 2018

With projects of any size, there are bound to be hurdles. With large-scale projects, the truth of the matter is, a lot can go wrong. Small projects can also telescope, as unforeseen issues arise.

May 2018 IFMA SV Chapter Meeting

Written by Michelle Scheumeister on May 7, 2018

Join me and my IFMA SV planning committee on May 23, 2018 as we host the IFMA Silicon Valley Chapter Meeting – "If I Knew Then, What I Know Now -Real Estate Edition".

Communicating Your Company Culture Through Furniture and Workplace

Written by Editor on April 23, 2018

Expressing corporate culture comes in many forms via traditional branding assets like your logo, website, advertising, and marketing collateral.

Preparing for Seismic Disaster - IFMA SV Chapter Meeting

Written by Michelle Scheumeister on April 11, 2018

Join me on April 25, 2018 as I host the IFMA Chapter Meeting – Disaster Preparedness and Recovery with a group of experts to help provide guidance and insight into mitigating risk and optimizing recovery.

Cheat Sheet: Workplace Optimization for Higher ROI

Written by Editor on April 3, 2018

Before you can make a case to relocate your firm to a more desirable location or ask for funds to update your current workspace, do a deep dive into how your office can work for you to make your employees happier and your business more profitable.

See Our LEED Gold Certified Case Study for Dole Packaged Foods

Written by Editor on March 23, 2018

Dole Packaged Foods, the world’s largest supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables, wanted their headquarters to be a place where employees could truly flourish.

3 Systems Furniture for the Agile Office

Written by Editor on March 20, 2018

We believe the agile office is a workplace based on balance. By combining components of open offices, traditional cubicle arrangements, and hospitality design features, balanced workspaces are fostering employee wellness, enabling focus and encouraging collaboration.

3 Tips to Maximize Your Workspace Design Budget

Written by Rick Bartlett on March 9, 2018

As more and more companies are designing their workspaces to appeal to their workforce, they’re making their design budgets pull double duty.

Pac-12 Network Case Study

Written by Editor on March 5, 2018

The Pac-12 Network found a location in San Francisco's South of Market District and worked with Unisource Solutions to transform the new space into a flexible, modern office that optimzes square footage and convey's Pac-12's unique brand and culture.

Deep Dive Breakfast with IFMA SV on ROI for Employee Wellness Programs

Written by Michelle Scheumeister on March 2, 2018

Come join me at the IFMA Silicon Valley Chapter meeting on March 14th, 2018 for an exciting event that I am planning and serving as co-chair for the meet and greet.

TREND ALERT: The Agile Workplace is the Balanced Workspace

Written by Editor on February 28, 2018

Shawmut Design and Construction Case Study

Written by Editor on February 15, 2018

Unisource Solutions worked with Shawmut to optimize their West Los Angeles office design and workspace, facilitate workplace furnishing needs and source product representative of their brand.

Sustainable Workspace Design to Attract and Retain Talent

Written by Editor on February 1, 2018

Healthy indoor environments are no longer an extra; they’re becoming a standard in office design.

Workspace Design Trends for Greater Productivity

Written by Editor on January 18, 2018

From treadmill desks to sit-stand ones, these workspace design trends are impacting employee wellness.

Improving Employee Wellbeing Through Smart Office Design

Written by Editor on January 3, 2018

Tethered-free, automated offices are becoming the norm. From company-wide wifi, to automated lighting and mobile charging stations, digital technology is at the forefront of workplace design.