Key Takeaways from NeoCon 2023: Highlighting Sustainable Design and Creative Spaces

Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
June 16, 2023

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As one of the biggest events for commercial interiors, NeoCon 2023 was an exciting opportunity to explore the latest trends and technologies in design. From sustainable materials to creative spaces, the event showcased a range of innovative ideas that are revolutionizing the way we think about workplaces. Here we take a closer look at some key takeaways from NeoCon 2023, with a particular focus on sustainable design, makers, and creative spaces.


Supporting Sustainability

One of the major themes that emerged from NeoCon 2023 was sustainability. Both environmentally and economically, there is a growing awareness of the importance of using sustainable materials and practices in commercial interiors. At NeoCon, we saw many designers and makers showcasing products that were made from eco-friendly materials and had a low environmental impact. In particular, we were impressed by the outreach to street artists and artisans in Mexico, who are using sustainably sourced materials to create unique pieces that add cultural value to our spaces.


Creating Agile Spaces

Another important trend at NeoCon was the focus on creating agile offices that can adapt to the changing needs of organizations. Rather than being tied to a fixed layout or design, agile offices are designed to be flexible and responsive to the needs of individual workers. Many of the products showcased at NeoCon, such as the ones from Haworth, were designed with this in mind. These products are meant to shift with employees as they grow and change within their organizations, providing them with a space that they can truly call their own.


Office as Destination

NeoCon 2023 also highlighted the importance of creating destination spaces that give employees a unique and special experience that they can't replicate in a remote office. These spaces are designed to draw people in and make them feel connected to their work environment and their colleagues. By creating these inviting spaces, employers can create an atmosphere that inspires and fosters creativity while encouraging employees to stay engaged with their work.


Highlights of the Show

NeoCon 2023 was an exciting event for commercial interiors, with award-winning products and show highlights that showcased the best in sustainable design, makers, and creative spaces.


With their virtual showroom and NeoCon Innovation Award for the Fern 75th Anniversary and Digital Knit Project, Haworth pulled out all the stops this year in celebration of their 75th year of design. Debuting at the show, the 75th Anniversary Fern chair comes in a bold orange, custom gradient offered only for this celebration. This is the first task chair with digital knit on the arms, back, and seat. It also still has all of Fern’s innovations – enhanced sitting experience, the ability to move with natural flexibility, comfort, and total back support.


Haworth launched a total of 21 new products, all of which were designed to showcase the brand's commitment to sustainability and innovation. The Work Pavilion, in particular, was a standout. This area was designed to represent what a hybrid work environment would look like when installed, with assigned, unassigned, retreat, and collaboration spaces. By walking through this space, clients could see how Haworth's products like Compose, Echo, and Pergola could work together to create a truly dynamic and adaptable workplace.



Another manufacturer that caught our attention was Buzzispace. Their BuzziPebl Light earned a silver award at the show. Evoking the smooth shape of a pebble, the BuzziPebl Light provides accent lighting to your desired space while creating a luminous environment.



BlockO Four and BlockO Six privacy pods earned a NeoCon Sustainability Award. These pods are acoustically sound pods that offer comfort and privacy for agile offices. Blocko's commitment to sustainability is impressive and we love the design and flexibility of these eye-catching privacy pods.


Andreu World

Andreu World won a NeoCon Silver Award in Education Solutions for their In Out Office Monoplace, a range of armchairs that incorporate acoustic solutions that provide privacy and soundproofing properties. Andreu World also won awards for Bolete Lounge BIO, Tamara, Casta, Gala Pure Eco, Nazar, Alla, and Bolete Occasional BIO.

Another Inspiring NeoCon

NeoCon 2023 was a great event to explore the latest trends and technologies in design. Sustainable materials, agile spaces, and creative destinations are all important elements of modern commercial interiors that can help make an office more inviting for employees while making it easier to adapt to changing needs.


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The year the trends coming out of NeoCon 2023 include:

  • Sustainable design
  • Makers
  • Creative Spaces


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