Making the Most of Office Reconfiguration and Decommission

Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
June 05, 2024

Office reconfiguration, including space decommissioning, is a trend that has been on the rise for years, but it has seen a significant increase in the last few years. As companies everywhere have adapted to remote work and embraced virtual collaboration tools, they are realizing the benefits of rethinking their office spaces to better support employee needs and company goals.

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Office Reconfiguration

Office reconfiguration involves changing the office layout to better align with business goals, employee needs, and modern work practices. This includes reorganizing workstations for collaboration, adding private areas for focused work, updating technology, and using sustainable design. The goal is a more efficient, productive, and employee-friendly workspace that supports organizational objectives.

Office Decommissioning

Office decommissioning involves closing, downsizing, or repurposing unused office spaces. This process includes removing furniture, equipment, and other assets, and responsibly disposing of or recycling materials. Often driven by downsizing, remote work transitions, or relocations, the goal is to efficiently and cost-effectively wind down the office space while minimizing disruption and waste.

Relationship Between the Two

Office reconfiguration and decommissioning may seem like opposite processes, but they are often interdependent. Both involve strategic changes to office spaces driven by evolving business needs. For example, a company might decommission underutilized areas to reduce costs before reconfiguring remaining spaces for better operational use. Conversely, reconfiguration might reveal sections that can be decommissioned to improve space efficiency. Understanding both processes helps businesses make informed decisions that balance growth, efficiency, and employee satisfaction while aligning with broader strategies.


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Opportunities to Optimize

Office reconfiguration and decommission represent a significant opportunity for businesses to realign their physical spaces with strategic objectives, foster a more agile and adaptable workforce, and reduce operational costs. By reconfiguring office layouts, companies can optimize collaboration and productivity, while decommissioning unused areas can eliminate wasted space and resources. These processes pave the way for adopting new technologies, implementing sustainable practices, and enhancing employee well-being, ultimately driving innovation and competitive advantage in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Opportunity 1: Engage an Expert

Engaging an expert in office reconfiguration and decommissioning with the capabilities to follow through with the necessary services can significantly enhance these processes. Find a trusted partner who, like Unisource Solutions, can provide extensive knowledge and experience and ensure meticulous planning and execution. You want your partner to offer insights on trends in office design, technology integration, and sustainable practices, aiding in creating a future-proof workspace. Specialists like ourselves, should also be able to manage asset decommissioning complexities, ensuring responsible and cost-effective disposal. By leveraging professional expertise, organizations can avoid pitfalls, minimize disruption, and achieve outcomes that support long-term goals.


 On-site Services: Download our On-site Services brochure for a complete outline of our logistics, inventory, and move management services. 


Opportunity 2: Improve Collaboration and Productivity

Improving collaboration and productivity is a primary goal of office reconfiguration and should be approached strategically. Designing spaces that facilitate teamwork and interaction allows businesses to harness their employees' creativity and problem-solving abilities. Open-plan layouts, multi-use areas, and flexible workstations encourage spontaneous discussions that drive innovation. Incorporating technology like video conferencing tools, digital whiteboards, and shared virtual spaces ensures seamless collaboration, whether employees are in the office or remote. Prioritizing ergonomic furniture and creating quiet zones for focused work can also boost productivity. These thoughtful changes enhance operational efficiency and contribute to a more engaged and satisfied workforce, positioning the company for sustained success and growth.



Opportunity 3: Embrace Hybrid Work

Embracing hybrid work models can revolutionize business operations by blending in-office and remote work. Hybrid work offers employees flexibility, allowing them to choose environments that boost productivity and work-life balance. For successful implementation, organizations must invest in technology like virtual collaboration tools, cloud-based platforms, and secure remote access solutions. Reconfiguring office spaces to support a hybrid workforce is also crucial, with hot-desking, dedicated spaces for meetings, and creative social spaces. By fostering a culture that values both in-office and remote work, businesses can attract and retain top talent, driving innovation and resilience in a changing workplace.

Opportunity 4: Improve Company Culture and Employee Experience

Improving company culture and employee experience through office reconfiguration and decommissioning can significantly impact employee satisfaction and retention. A well-designed workspace conveys a company's values and priorities, fostering belonging and engagement among employees. Creating inclusive, comfortable spaces for both collaboration and individual work enhances morale and promotes a positive atmosphere. Flexible areas that support social interaction and team-building encourage stronger relationships and a sense of community. Incorporating biophilic design, natural lighting, and wellness rooms shows a commitment to employee well-being. Transparent communication during reconfiguration or decommissioning builds trust and ensures employees feel valued. Aligning physical spaces with cultural values cultivates an environment that enhances productivity and solidifies a loyal workforce.



Opportunity 5: Update and Refresh Existing Assets

When our team undertakes an office reconfiguration, one key area of focus is updating and refreshing existing assets. A useful strategy is to repurpose the existing bases of workstations by replacing the surfaces and benching components with new materials and products. Additionally, you can add gallery panels to existing workstations to create a denser layout. For example, you can transform an 8x12 workstation into two 8x6 stations by incorporating divider gallery panels.

Opportunity 6: Sustainability

Ensure you utilize expert services to safely and sustainably donate, recycle, and dispose of unwanted products. This not only helps in reducing environmental impact but also supports the community by providing useful items to those in need. Proper disposal minimizes harm to the ecosystem and promotes a cleaner, greener planet for everyone.


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Maximizing Your Workspace as a Strategic Asset

For businesses today, effectively managing office space through reconfiguration and decommissioning is crucial. These processes offer opportunities to optimize physical environments, foster innovation, and align with strategic objectives. Engaging experts, enhancing collaboration and productivity, embracing hybrid work models, and improving company culture are pivotal steps toward creating a versatile and future-proof workspace. By thoughtfully addressing these areas, businesses can drive operational efficiency, attract and retain talent, and sustain competitive advantage.


Decommissioning Services: Download our decommissioning brochure to learn more about our decommissioning strategies and services.


Ultimately, a well-managed office environment is more than just a place to work—it is a strategic asset that supports growth, employee satisfaction, and organizational success.



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