Biophilic Design: Connecting Workers to Nature

Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
by Wendy (Kastner) Jacobs
October 15, 2018


While many of us are logging longer hours and having our phones at arm’s reach 24/7, we’re becoming disconnected from nature and disengaged with our surroundings. But trading outdoor activities with marathon desk sessions doesn’t mean we have to work in an enclosed shell.

The late Stephen R. Kellert, Ph.D, professor of social ecology at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, taught us that a connection to the natural world promotes well-being, reduces stress, and can positively impact our lives. His work and research championed the use of biophilic design principles in the built environment, as is evident in many of today’s workplaces. 


By incorporating features like green walls and custom furniture, like those we produce in-house through Platform, workplaces can harness the power of nature to elevate the employee experience. 


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As workplace design professionals, it’s our challenge to reconnect employees with nature and bring in outdoor elements to our offices. Just as we’re responsible for creating human-centric, ergonomic workstations, we are also tasked with adopting biophilia for a nature-centric experience. Whether it’s designing around plantings and daylighting, or folding in natural elements and organic shapes, we can inspire a workforce and create spaces that foster collaboration and productivity.


To learn more about biophilic design, check out The Living Future Institute Biophilic Design Initiative and peruse their case studies. Interfacethe world’s largest manufacturer of commercial carpet tile, also has an informative blog about biophilic design, complete with research, case studies and thought pieces. And if you haven’t don’t so already, check our case study section.  Many our own projects incorporate biophilc elements, including Electro Rent and M Moser.


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