Christine Scotti

Christine Scotti
Christine is Senior Account Executive focusing on the Platform-U by Unisource Solutions in-house furniture and custom design services brand.
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Finally! A Furniture Strategy That Meets Your Production Needs

Written by Christine Scotti on March 18, 2019

Does this scenario sound familiar: Your mini-series just got green-lighted (it’s one of ten shows this year) and shooting begins in 3-months. You’re tasked with setting-up the production office to accommodate a staff of 100. Corporate assigned the show to a small office across the street because all other offices are occupied. You ask yourself, how the #$*&% am i going to get 100 people in this production office let alone find enough desks to outfit it by go time? Your facility manager said there are desks in the storage unit that you are free to use. You sigh relief. But then you peek inside and see a maze of disassembled desks, chairs stacked high, and random couches and bulky boxes strewn about. Now, what?

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Tags: Inventory Management, Office Design, Office Furniture, Furniture Partner

The Curated Workstyle – Where Design, Selection and Procurement Come Together

Written by Christine Scotti on March 5, 2019

Personalizing the workplace experience is not an easy task. With today’s diverse workforce and modern working habits, discovering what office furniture works best can be overwhelming. That’s why working with an experienced furniture partner is so important. Choosing the right partner can save money and time, as well as produce the kind of results that really work. 

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Tags: Platform-U, Office Design, Office Furniture, Furniture Partner

5 Design Trends We Saw at NeoCon 2018

Written by Christine Scotti on June 28, 2018

NeoCon may be over, but the furniture designs coming out of it have real staying power. Our team hit NeoCon on a mission to see the latest. Armed with our camera phones, we scoured the trade floor for workplace trends, discovered some eye-popping textures, walked a rainbow of colors, and fawned over streamlined silhouettes.

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